Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthday Presents

We haven't even celebrated his birthday yet (this weekend),  but my husband had a good chuckle the other day when I told him what he bought me for my birthday (in September). Now, it isn't a usual thing for me to buy my own gifts, in fact, I've never done so before, but this time fate had a hand in it.

I received my Nora Roberts newsletter informing me that her next release, New York to Dallas (J.D.Robb) will be released...ON my birthday! So, to celebrate, I pre-ordered an autographed copy from Turn The Page Bookstore (Nora's husband's bookstore). I can't wait!!


They stand beside us in our time of need. Our faith in them knows no bounds. We admire how they hold, or held, themselves with honour.

Most of us have people past and present, entities we believe in, fact or fiction, who have made us who we are and will continue to influence our lives.

My most influential heroes past and present are: my father, my husband and our sons, God, Abraham Lincoln, Patanjali (a.k.a - the father of yoga) and Robin Hood.