Friday, October 29, 2010

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

More than the strong ocean winds bring a tear to my eye amid the turmoil of the Atlantic Ocean, for there lies to me one of the most peaceful, most powerful natural places in the world...Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.

There are more than a few legends that surround how Peggy's Cove got its name, but the one I'm most anxious to believe is the one where a young girl named Margaret was the only survivor when, in 1800, the schooner she was on hit the rocks of the cove and sank. Margaret, having no family, or memory of who she was, was named 'Peggy' by the locals who saved her.

Whether legend or fact, standing out on the rocks smoothed by the ravages of time, I can't help but feel the pull of my conflicting emotions. Be it tears of joy for past survivors, tears of sadness for loves long since lost to the mighty Atlantic I know for some of us, Peggy's legend need only live on in our hearts to be true.

Trapped (conclusion)

She could hear but could not see him as she struggled through the ice that ran through her veins. If she could only get out, light from the lamp would illuminate her tormentor’s face once and for all, she thought, edging her way to the balcony door. It opened to the fresh smell of freedom.

Peering cautiously over the edge of the railing she wondered when her journey would come to an end. How many more times would she spend chasing shadows only to end  each night looking on as her body lie broken on the rocks below? Dreams were for the living, she knew, but when, oh when, would somebody find her so she could finally tell her story? Until she could tell of the man who pushed her over the edge, would she ever be able to rest in peace? 

The End
Happy Hallowe`en!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trapped (cont.)

It was sheer will that had her swallowing the scream that threatened to escape as metal on metal echoed within the lighthouse walls but sheer will alone could not prevent the pervading chill that enveloped her body. Seemingly with a will all their own, with perfect precision and speed such as she’d never known her feet possessed, up the curving staircase she unerringly ran.
A quick search as she entered the lantern room told her there was nowhere to hide but she took brief comfort that the only whisper of breath came from the blanket of fog that cloaked the room.
“Aye, and now you have come to me at last.”

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vacationing in Nova Scotia

Our journey begins tomorrow morning at first light. Myself and my better half, two of our sons, and our one son's girlfriend will all be crammed into our Jeep Liberty for about a fourteen hour drive. Oh and let me not forget to mention that our border collie will be with us as well...riding in the back. What a ride it should be!

This trip will all be worthwhile as we are taking it to celebrate one of those monumental moments in a parents' life...our youngest son is getting married this Saturday. Throughout the next few days I will try to keep posting of our adventure.

Until then...happy reading!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Out of the night's darkness she approaches the lighthouse - the moon as its backdrop -  and drops to her knees at its door. The  hoot of an owl reaches her ears from somewhere nearby and with great hope to find sanctuary from the ghosts that chase her this night bravely she rises and turns the rickety, old handle to enter the dusty gloom. Deeply she breathes to settle nerves frayed by what she could only hope was a current, though unusual, flight of fancy.
 "I've been waiting for you, lass."  The stir of her hair told her that whisper of breath from out of the darkness was not her imagination. Slowly, slowly she turned to stare into the inky blackness behind her to once again be denied the vision of her tormentor. She never understood how your heart could race while your feet turned to lead, until this moment when the world around her turned in slow motion. Too slow to reach the door before the clicking of the lock, she was trapped.

To be continued...