Thursday, June 14, 2012

Angels Among Us - Harmony Part 7

 ‘Ours is to unquestionably obey His rules, abide by His decisions and always show faith that He knows best’ -- the one lesson Harmony drummed into her Third-Spheres’ heads when they questioned the why’s and when’s of His plan, advice that had served her well until now.

She knew she could never go back when she was done today. Crossing the veil of another Angel’s Cloak of Healing without their permission or knowledge, or without a member of the Seraphim present, could bind an Angel for eternity in limbo, a more unappealing thought to her than not making Seraphim.

A stern reminder about the rules was all she would receive if she backed out now, but right or wrong, she’d made the decision from her heart. For Lisa’s sake, she had to halt the battle within and focus her energy on healing Brick.

To be continued...