Friday, September 23, 2011

A Case of Greed - Part Seven

The ensuing hysterics and finger pointing alone made for a better soundtrack than any drama Job could’ve hoped to hear on whatever that show was called...the one about age and restlessness that his mother watched. 

            Job would remember for years to come how Alec had proven to be an invaluable and mutual ally in their quest for justice for Philomena. It was Alec’s charade that had Holly placing the call a short while ago that brought Judge Wright, Kenneth Platz and Dr Price running like trained dogs to Alec’s office in record time; Alec’s insistence that they tap into the building security system that had the cast of characters unknowingly put on the audio-and-visually-recorded show that would be their downfall.

 “Smile for the cameras boys,” Job whispered. “Alec, are you sure you want to continue on with this? It’s not too late to back out; they don’t know they’ve been set up.” Alec’s response was what Job could only believe was a difficult choice since said bastards were some of Alec’s closest friends and colleagues.

 “Oh no, I want these bastards to pay almost as much as you do.”  It almost made Alec feel guilty that Holly believed she had poison streaking like lightning through her veins...until he remembered who gave those chocolates to Philomena.

“What kind of game are you playing now?” Ahh, the smarmy voice of Senator Platz was easy enough for Job to recognize even if they weren’t watching the ferret-faced man on screen. “Your need for attention is quickly growing stale, Holly,” Kenneth replied using his could-care-less tone that he reserved for idiots who opposed him and street urchins.

 “I need the antidote,” Holly said, “and don’t dare pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about Kenneth or so help me, I’ll ruin you!”

 “You’re losing it Holly, pull yourself together,” Kenneth said. Fondling the small vial he kept on him at all times, his mind started working overtime. He’d been looking for a way to dump Holly - she knew too much - without having her turn on him. “I don’t have the antidote; it’s not likely to be something I’d carry around, now is it?” He was elated. Things couldn’t have worked out more perfectly if he’d planned it this way.

 “ have to have always carry it!”

 “If you think you can call me away from my nice warm brandy just to -- wait, what did you just say?” Judge Wright turned and pointed at Holly. “Why would you need the antidote?”

“The question should be why would she expect us to believe that she’d be dumb enough to have eaten chocolates we’d laced with belladonna?”

 “That’s right Kenneth, keep talking,” Job and Alec whispered in unison. “Little does he know how much I want to see him hang himself,” Alec said to Job. 

Job felt more than heard the sighs of relief coming from the first floor security station where John and Jerry, who’d had serious doubts about where Alec’s loyalties lie, sat bearing witness to the scene unfolding in Alec’s office.

“Hold it,” Judge Wright held up a hand to stop Kenneth. “Let’s get something straight. There was no we who laced those chocolates, the two of you acted alone there.”

 “I didn’t know Philomena gave the rest of her chocolates to Alec until after I’d eaten a few!”

 “For God’s sake, Kenneth, first Philomena, now Holly?” exclaimed Judge Wright. “Where do you draw the line?” If there was an end in sight he certainly couldn’t see it.

 “There’s no one outside this room who knows your secret. Once it gets out there won’t be a soul around who’d believe you weren’t in on the plan...Judge,” Kenneth said. “That’s right; no one else has been smart enough to figure out why you really let the drug dealers off with a slap on the wrist. By the way, how is your son? Is he keeping himself out of trouble these days?”

Judge Wright had never regretted more than he did at this moment that he hadn’t been there to watch his son grow up, to teach him right from wrong. His wife tended to look the other way on his liaisons as long as he was discreet, but it didn’t bear thinking if she ever found out that a mistress from his past had bore him the son she couldn’t give him.  

“Give her the antidote so we can all go home! I’ll not stand by again and witness what Ms Townsend went through. I won’t do it,” said a very agitated Dr Price, who had been the only silent one in the room until now.

“I wouldn’t be so brave if I were you, Doctor,” Senator Platz responded. “You wouldn’t want the Judge here to have an accident before your case has its final hearing, would you?” Kenneth knew his threat hit its mark when the white pallor of Dr Price’s complexion went even paler.

Dr Price regretted more every minute this went on that he hadn’t trusted his lawyer when she’d told him he stood a good chance of winning the malpractice suit...the one Kenneth had convinced him would be his ruin. He was a doctor, a damn good one at one time, but he could see his life falling apart in front of him. It was long past time to find a way to bring this to an end.

Stay tuned for Part Eight (Final) of A Case of Greed