Thursday, December 15, 2011

Angels Among Us - Harmony Part 3

She was a Dominion, an Angel of the Second Sphere so it was rather a surprise for Harmony to be summoned to the quick and very capable Serenity’s aid but when He spoke, no Angel dared to argue for if He stepped in, the situation was dire and this time was no different...

Harmony hadn’t glittered herself since she was a wee Third Sphere Angel-in-training - a Guardian Angel as humans liked to call them - but she was embarrassingly doing just that as she shivered gold sparkles with her every move around Brick’s hospital room. And in front of Serenity who was a Third Sphere Angel-in-training no less...although Serenity was hardly noticing much in her condition.

Serenity had spent so much energy protecting Brick in the accident that she’d contracted the Dullwing Flu, a virus no Angel wanted for it meant days of lying around, with every cough and sneeze draining them of their precious glitter. The poor wee thing had sneezed herself down to barely enough glitter to call for help so now it was up to Harmony to convince Brick this wasn’t his time. And as if she wasn’t busy enough this time of year, He gave her another mission...a next to impossible one...but if she ever hoped to make the high level of Seraphim she had better get on it quick!

Harmony knew Brick was tracking her every move as she flit about his hospital room. Perfect!

“You’re awake!”

“Am I? Who are you? Where am I? What happened?”

“My name is Harmony. You don’t remember?”

Brick sat deep in thought and then replied, “The last thing I remember was a beautiful woman standing over me.”

“Oh, that would be Serenity.”

“Serenity? Do I know Serenity?”

“You were in an accident. Serenity tried to save you.”

“What? I don’t...oh wait,” Brick said, “I was driving. I remember a snow plow coming right for me. I...what happened? Did he hit me? Did I hit him? Is he alright?”

“His name is Ronald Jackson. He’s badly shaken up; something went wrong with the mechanism and his left blade wing dropped and seized in place pulling him into your lane. As soon as he could he ran to pull you out of your car. He's is still here waiting for word on how you’re doing.”

Brick's mother had been seated in his room, whispering prayers and words of encouragement from the moment she’d been called to his bedside. When Brick opened his eyes and rapidly looked around his room, flicking from one thing after another, only to stare sightlessly Victoria’s way, she worriedly called for the Doctor, who arrived in time to witness the one-sided conversation Brick was having.

“Brick, Dr Marsh is here with you now. You’re going to be alright,” Victoria said to her unresponsive son.

“He's getting some colour back and is otherwise stable," said Dr Marsh after examining Brick. "We have him under close observation but we may need to go in and relieve the pressure on his brain."

"You mean surgery?"

"We may have to, Victoria. You may want to get Lisa here as soon as possible.”

Harmony shivered more glitter as she watched a distraught Victoria leave her son's room, before bringing her focus back to the task of preparing Brick for what was to come.

To be continued...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Angels Among Us - Harmony Part 2

Where was he?

Daddy wouldn’t have been late for something this important, but then Daddy cared about her happiness as Brick never had. Lisa would deny it now if anyone were to remind her that Brick’s appeal in the first place had been that he was so much like Daddy...but that was then and this was now.

Being late to sign their divorce papers was just another fine example of how Brick didn’t hold dear that which was special to Lisa. Maybe one day she’d find that one-of-a-kind love but until snowballs no longer melted here on earth she’d just have to be happy taking care of Daddy, just the two of them as it always was. Him, she could count on.

“I need to speak to Lisa Madison, it’s urgent”, she heard through the closed door. She’d recognize the voice of Victoria Madison anywhere, even after two years of separation. Hearing the unusual near-panic in that voice had Lisa opening the door and responding with the kindness she’d always been dealt at Victoria’s hands. The fragile look was a new one for the strong, silent Victoria.

“Victoria, what’s wrong?”

“Lisa, its Brick...there’s been an accident. Brick needs you.”

“Surely you as his mother can see to his care, Victoria,” Lisa gently challenged even as her heart did flip-flops.

“I tried explaining about the divorce, but while Brick is still married to you the Doctor needs your consent.”

“Consent? Consent for what?”

“Please, Lisa. You have to trust me! I’ll tell you more on the way to the hospital,” Victoria said as she urged Lisa on with her coat and out the door to the awaiting taxi. 

to be continued...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Angels Among Us - Harmony

He was about to become the jolliest of elves.

Brick Madison’s holiday season was about to get as bright as the snow-covered countryside surrounding him on his late afternoon drive to town. A little ink on some documents, a small price to pay, and he’d once again have control over his own life, his freedom, after spending the five longest years of his thirty-five year life married to Lisa.

Marrying Lisa Madison – nee Bonham, the woman he thought he would love and grow old with - had turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes he’d made. Had anyone told him, and some had tried, that marrying her meant marrying her Daddy he may have saved himself years of ‘but Daddy says’ and ‘but Daddy did’.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like his father-in-law, in fact Brick had enormous respect for Tom Bonham, but a marriage of two was tough enough, a marriage of three next to impossible, at least for him. Well, no point reopening wounds long healed, he thought as he rounded the last bend before town straight into the path of a wayward snow plow.

  It took probably seconds to swerve, go over the guard rail and flip to land wheels first over the embankment surrounded by pines, but to him living it felt like hours. His last coherent thought was of the brilliant, pink-robed angel atop the nearest tree enveloping him in sparkly golden light from her gentle, loving hands as her smile lit the ever-darkening skies.

to be continued...