Monday, February 6, 2012

Angels Among Us - Harmony Part 4

 It was Serenity’s strength of will alone that had the gold sparkles glittering from her pink robe as Harmony filled her in on what had happened during her illness.
“How is it possible that Brick can see you, talk to you? I know there are some who can feel our presence, but they’re not supposed to actually see us and only in prayer can they talk to us with few listening to hear our whispered advice,” said Serenity. “Unless...”
“Unless we have a personal connection to them,” Harmony finished. “Lisa is...I mean daughter. I’m here to right a mess I made the day I died. That day, I made Lisa promise to watch over and care for her father, to always obey him.” Harmony, clearly embarrassed and agitated, glittered a mixture of blue and red as she went on to explain. “I thought it would make things easier for Tom to raise a ten year old daughter alone but it’s that promise that keeps Lisa from letting go, from allowing herself to be happy.”
“And therefore the reason Brick could never do right,” Serenity nodded with complete understanding now. “So you’re here to bring Brick and Lisa back together again?”
“No, I’m here to find a way to free Lisa from her promise so she can move on and be happy...whether it’s with Brick or not has to be up to her.”
“Well, what are we waiting for?”
To be continued...