Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Miracles IV

      “It’s going to be alright.”

Holding Kate’s hand, he was praying to God for guidance and watching his sleeping son curled next to his mother; desperation, frustration, sadness and love beyond measure, the tumultuous emotions of the evening. Those uttered words from Kate the only exception - or addition in his dreams - to the events of the night before and oh, how he wished it were true.  

How happy that would make him to be planning her welcome home party rather than her funeral. But that was just the coward’s way out, he thought. It was time to face reality, and part of that reality was when and what to tell Jacob.

Was it right to expect a five year old to understand something his adult brain didn’t? A kid was only a kid once. He couldn’t, didn’t, expect his young son to have the answers to the questions or take on the responsibilities of the adults in Jacob’s life. Putting too much on Jacob was wrong to Wes’s belief.

But on the other hand, if he didn’t tell him ahead of time and waited until he was old enough to understand, would Jacob hate him for not letting him be part of the decision? Were there things he’d be robbing Jacob of doing with or saying to his mother by not giving him warning?

Either way he looked at it, explaining death to his son was hard at any time of year, at any age, but at Christmas doubly so.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Miracles III


      “Good evening, Wes,” greeted Kate’s Dr as they entered Kate’s room. “I’m afraid there’s still no change.” As a husband Dr Rattan understood Wes’s inability to make the decision he needed to make. If roles were reversed he didn’t know if he could choose to turn off machines keeping his wife alive. But as a doctor, he believed it cruel, to Kate and her loved ones, to drag out the inevitable. “Have you made a decision?” he asked.

Wes looked pointedly at Jacob, a gentle reminder that they weren’t alone in the room, and carefully responded. “I’ve thought of not much else, Doc” Wes answered, nodding towards the door. Wes turned to Jacob and said, “Dr Rattan and I will just be out in the hall for a minute. How ‘bout you talk to your Mom while I’m gone.”

“I prayed, well maybe hoped, I’d walk into her room today and she’d be awake. That I wouldn’t have to decide on anything more than what was for dinner tomorrow,” Wes told Dr Rattan. “You know, I bought her a Christmas present – a heart locket. I had the jeweler do our pictures so that when she opens it, it looks like we’re holding hands.”

“You’re just making it harder on yourself, Wes; you know as I do what Kate wanted. You can’t put this off any longer, it’s not right.”

“Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve. I won’t,” Wes paused at the look on Dr Rattan’s face, “can’t, do it until after Christmas. I won’t do that to Jacob.”

“I’m sure Kate will forgive us under the circumstances, but Wes? The day after Christmas is as long as I’ll wait.”

Wes stood in the hallway alone long after Dr Rattan went on his way praying for the help he and Jacob would need in the coming months.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Miracles II


What kind of man would it make him if he agreed to pull the plug on his wife’s life support? What kind of husband would he be if he didn’t?

Wes had been circling around this, running on hope and pure adrenaline for months. He’d spent what seemed like a lifetime praying and hoping for a miracle but time was running out.

Kate was his wife, his best friend, his one and only and the love of his life. They still had a lot of life ahead of them to live, many more places to go and dreams to turn into reality. It mattered not one bit to him that most of his days were all the same.

He’d wake up, get ready for work, and wake Jacob up for school. Then juggle eating breakfast with him while packing lunches and reading/signing the endless parent information forms the school sent home and after dropping Jacob off at before school care it was off to work for Wes.

After the long daily grind of traffic and the office he’d pick Jacob up from school, take him home and go over his homework with him before eating a quick bite of supper. If it was a work night at job number two, he’d wait for a neighbour's daughter to come over to sit with Jacob. If not, as was the case tonight, they’d head to the hospital to visit Kate.

Keeping up with two jobs to pay the hospital bills, taking care of Jacob, tossing and turning at night trying to get some sleep so he could get up the next morning and do it all over again had Wes on the verge of exhaustion, but he couldn’t let go. How could he?

He had another five days – the time that Kate’s Living Will would allow -- to put off what looked like the inevitable. And her wishes were very clear. If she was ever on life support she didn’t want to live long enough to be a burden to him and it was up to him to end her life with kindness.

She allowed one month’s grace from the time her Doctor advised taking her off the machines -- a concession she made after he protested that Doctors weren’t God, that God may work on his own timetable, and that he’d never be able to live with himself wondering if he’d taken away the only chance she had at life.

Kate had no way of knowing that decision would have him signing her death warrant just days before Christmas. How could he look Jacob in the eye, when he was old enough, and tell him that in the end it was he who took his Mom away from him?  And at Christmas?

Jacob would hate him, and who could blame him?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Miracles - I


Jacob’s family once celebrated Christmas with all the trimmings. His Mom would have had the house decorated and the tree up by now. The smell of her Christmas baking would be wafting throughout their home from now until the big day. Presents would be wrapped and hidden in his parents’ closet ready for ‘Santa’ to put under the tree on Christmas Eve. But those days were over and he was angry.

Angry, not at his Dad for not celebrating the holidays this year, but at the driver of the car who hit his Mom in the crosswalk that day in August; angry at God for letting it happen and for not answering his many prayers.

“Jacob,” said his Dad, “We’re leaving for the hospital in a few minutes. Be ready to go in fifteen.”

Jacob wished he was old enough to stay home alone. He didn’t know why Dad kept going there. What was the point? Mom had been unable to wake up since the accident; she didn’t even know they were in the room with her. Dad tried to tell him she could hear but he didn’t believe that. She was a stranger now.

His Mom would have laughed at his stories, hugged him to say hello, goodbye and just, well, whenever he looked like he needed one. Now, he’d sit there, listening to Dad tell his Mom about his day then watch the familiar sadness come crashing in when her facial expression remained as blank as it had since August.

“Ok, Dad,” was his only reply as he put his book and toys in his backpack to take with him for the long evening ahead. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Life With Fibromyalgia - Part Four

This is my story and is in no way intended to diagnose, treat or advise anyone on Fibromyalgia or any other medical disorder, only a qualified health professional can do that. 

My frustration had mounted to new heights when I happened on a link to a video done by a Dr, a Chiropractic Neurologist, who claimed to specialize in Fibromyalgia.

Part of me thought, ‘Yeah sure. Are you going to try and tell me it’s all in my head or how many more supplements/medicines I need to add to what I already take or how if I only exercised more I wouldn’t have Fibro in the first place?’ And the other part of me, the one I listened to that day, thought, ‘What do I have to lose besides a few minutes of my time I’ll never get back if it turns out to be bogus, but what if it gives us some answers, maybe a new direction? What if this guy is for real?’

The clear, concise information on what Fibromyalgia is, and isn’t, was given with compassion and a knowledge that filled me with hope again. A Google search later I had found we live close enough to one of the nine Chiropractic Neurologists there are here in Canada.

I thought I’d been put through tests before being diagnosed, but that was nothing compared to the twelve page questionnaire covering every system in my body and rating how well it was working (or not) that I had to fill out before my first appointment. Again I gave a complete account of my medical history and had more tests conducted by this new Dr.

My husband and I walked through the door of the Dr’s office, myself a nervous wreck expecting to have tender points pressed, and within minutes were put at ease. His assurance that there would be no pain for me in any way during the tests being performed held true.

I didn’t understand how the tests he did could possibly relate at the time to my situation, I think because they weren’t invasive, but as we were finishing off the first appointment, he loaned me a book and  asked me to read the first three chapters before my next appointment and we’d discuss it then, that he was sure there would be ‘light bulb’ moments for me. And he was right.

This book, which I read in its entirety (I couldn’t put it down) explained food intolerances/allergies/sensitivities, particularly gluten, and the connection to autoimmune disorders. Not just gluten’s connection to Celiac Disease. It was eye-opening to read documented information with explanations on how this is possible, and some Fibromyalgia symptoms started making more sense to me.

My follow-up appointment was scary, to say the least. The tests/information told him that I was/am Insulin Resistant/Pre-diabetic/Reactive Hypoglycemic, was Celiac (like my father before me) or was heading that way (but further testing would be required to be certain), had Leaky Gut Syndrome - or both, my adrenal glands were fatiguing (no surprise there!). But the worst part of what he told us was that one lobe of my brain was functioning for all of the others that had weakened and it was tiring fast. 

I wasn’t the worst case of Fibromyalgia he’d seen or treated but I was one of them. He agreed to take me on as a patient and wanted to start as soon as possible. And we were all set until he laid out the therapy/schedule/cost for us up-front (so we’d know what to plan for).

At that point I felt like that huge weight that was lifting off my shoulders was crushing down again, but we agreed to think it over before making a decision. For me, it was way out of my comfort zone financially, with the appointments themselves, the gas driving to/from twice a week (45-60 min one way) and time off my husband would have to take for those days (I couldn’t drive).

Sitting, having dinner together and talking it over, I discussed this book with my husband and we agreed that I’d go gluten-free while we sorted the financial stuff out. If it made a difference, great, if not, well at least it gave me something constructive to do in the meantime and three days later I embarked on this gluten-free journey.

Two days into a GF diet and I was sold. I had more energy, less pain, much less brain fog, vertigo episodes were lessening in frequency and severity, and it all continued to improve over time. But oh how I missed ‘real’ bread and on day ten I gave in and tested it out with a sandwich.

The next morning I regretted it when I woke in body-wide pain, brain fog, vertigo, and all I wanted to do was sleep. Back to a GF diet for me and have only once since purposely had something with gluten to see if I’d still react, or more like, how much could I get away with before having a reaction. And for me the truth is, none. I can now tell when I’ve been ‘glutened’ as I like to call it. In my case it affects my brain for two or three days after ingesting (on purpose or being cross-contaminated) it.

I still crave wheat, that hasn’t stopped yet and I’m not sure it ever will go away entirely. Walking past the bakery section of the grocery store makes me miss fresh baked ‘real’ bread, cakes and cookies even more but with the vast improvement I’ve had in my health after fourteen and a half weeks GF I won’t cave to the craving.

My brain is much sharper, quicker to respond mentally and physically; the broken finger feeling I had for over a year was gone after two months of GF; I’m no longer waking up each morning feeling like I was beat up in the night; my sleep pattern is even better; I can type AND remember (unless I’ve been ‘glutened’) what I wanted to say; I’m actually tasting my food now which still makes no sense to me, but there it is.

With all of these improvements, and many more that I haven’t mentioned, it makes no difference to me whether I would be considered gluten allergic, severely intolerant or just sensitive. Whatever title you want to give it, it means the same thing. I can’t have gluten. And no amount of medication added to my regime would’ve fixed or changed that fact.

I'm not saying that the therapy/treatment plan the Dr set out for us wouldn't have worked as well, I have no way of knowing that. Nor am I saying that I won't at some point go for those treatments/further testing but for now this has made such a huge difference in my quality of life I see no reason to take it to that level. But I do have him to thank for the information that guided us down this path. 

I have a new family Dr, for who knows how long or how well she deals with Fibromyalgia, but in the meantime, I will stay gluten-free. 

And now, onto dealing with the Insulin Resistance/Pre-diabetes/Reactive Hypoclycemia...

To be continued at a later date...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Life with Fibromyalgia - Part Three

This is my story and is in no way intended to diagnose, treat or advise anyone on fibromyalgia or any other medical disorder, only a qualified health professional can do that. 

Part Three

My Dr and I talked over what she knew of Fibromyalgia. She admitted that there was still little known about what causes it as well as agreeing to work with me to find treatment options and we agreed that getting the pain under control should be first so I could have some semblance of a ‘normal’ life.

The one thing she was quite adamant about, and had been during the months of tests, was to keep all negativity at bay and eliminate, or limit contact with, the negative people in my life. As harsh (and darn-near impossible!) as it sounded at the time it proved to be the best, most invaluable advice she could have given. And here’s where I feel it important to say that my husband had been saying this for many years but realizing it was actually contributing to my illness was the wake-up call I needed.

I agreed to work on this, as well as taking Cymbalta at her suggestion. Now, normally I don’t agree with taking medication of any kind unless it’s absolutely necessary, nor would I recommend medication for everyone with or without Fibro, but for me the choice to take it made such a huge difference within a few days I couldn’t regret that decision.

It further helped to have a Pharmacist knowledgeable about Fibromyalgia and Cymbalta, who’d been told by other Fibro patients that it (Cymbalta) gave them more energy, and following her suggestion, I started off by taking it first thing in the morning so that if the same was true for me, it wouldn’t aggravate my insomnia.

Their combined advice was invaluable for not only did I have less fatigue, but it improved my pain level within a couple of weeks, mainly due in my honest opinion to finally getting good, quality sleep. Over time I was actually able to go to a movie theatre and stay awake to watch the movie! Imagine that!

I’ll never forget the excitement I felt the first morning I woke up after having a bad dream. As crazy as ‘excitement’ and ‘bad dream’ in the same sentence may sound, it had been months since I’d dreamt (or could remember my dreams) so even a bad one was improvement.

My photographic memory was slowly coming back, my pain tolerance level was increasing and the depression that I hadn’t realized was there had started to lift. I was now able to understand better the mourning process I had been going through. The loss of who I once was and what I could no longer do or be, mixed with the fear of what this could/would lead to at the rate I was going, played like a recurring tape in the back of my mind.

Waking each morning still in body-wide pain, my lack of regular memory and impaired word recollection worried me, as did the episodes of Sensory Overload (bright lights and colours, smells and sounds all happening at once causing a hard to breathe, almost panic-like anxiety, dizziness/vertigo, and pale - too hot or cold - clammy skin). Though research assured me it was common for Fibromyalgia patients to go through this, it was way beyond my comfort zone.

Dinner out for my husband (God bless his patience, help and understanding) and I, as with most family events, had become a challenge to find the right time, location and surroundings to best reduce the severity and/or frequency of the episodes.

At my next consultation with my Dr she recommended I do puzzles and other things that would retrain my brain and possibly improve my memory, which did help, and for the rest for me to wait and see if the medication would be of further help before trying anything else.

Shortly after that appointment we were given the news that she was going to relocate to a new office three hours away. Back to square one we went. Who knew whether the new Dr replacing her would be as good or how long she’d be here before she would relocate as the last two have.

I had to find a Dr who could answer my questions, who understood Fibromyalgia. To the internet I went again to look on Fibromyalgia forums to find possible links to Dr’s in our area who could deal with Fibromyalgia.

To be Continued... 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Life with Fibromyalgia - Part Two

This is my story and is in no way intended to diagnose, treat or advise anyone on Fibromyalgia or any other medical disorder, only a qualified health professional can do that. 

Part Two

I can’t tell you what a relief it was to finally have a Dr who heard me, to have really listened and not be rushing me out the door before I’d even sat down. She asked questions, actually examined me and when she couldn’t explain what was happening, sent me for what turned out to be months of tests.

From spinal x-rays and a referral to an Orthopedic Surgeon to rule in/out if my osteoarthritis was a contributing factor, an EMG/Nerve Conduction Study to check for nerve or muscle damage, an overnight sleep study to figure out why the insomnia, blood work and more blood work, Ultrasounds and a referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat Dr looking for signs of thyroiditis, nodules, etc, a holter monitor test to test my heart function, to a referral to a Menopause Clinic/Gynecologist (an appointment set for this November) in case any or all of this was ‘just menopause’ (which wasn’t likely in her opinion), she was leaving no stone unturned.

I was not mentally prepared for the frustration that set in as many test results and Specialist reports came in finding either nothing wrong or what they did find could in no way explain the body wide pain and/or symptoms I had. I’m sure others who have been through, or are going through this, can imagine how ready I was to give up as I sat there and heard the results. Luckily my new Dr recognized this and asked me to please bear with her, that there were more tests/Specialists available but we had to go one step at a time to get to the bottom of it.

I was frustrated, felt dejected even after her pep talk, spent a few hours feeling sorry for myself with all the tears that entails. The next morning I woke up in more pain, more exhausted than I had been in months and finally the anger and determination set in. I wasn’t going to live like this. I was taking responsibility for my own health back and the next step for me was to start researching on the internet.

After typing a sequence of words, symptoms, that shouldn’t have made any sense to a search engine, I was very surprised when it many links lead to pages on Fibromyalgia, links I will admit I ignored at first. Not because I didn’t believe there was such a thing but because having a friend with Fibromyalgia I in no way wanted any part of it.

Researching other links that didn’t seem to fit the array of symptoms, I bit the bullet and started reading the pages on Fibromyalgia and a light bulb went off. My cognitive dysfunction, gastrointestinal disturbance, hormonal upheaval, increased allergies, sleep disturbance, weight gain and whole body pain were all there in black and white.

Knowing in my heart of hearts that this was what was happening, I booked an appointment with my Dr. I walked in armed with pages of information I printed off, including a tender point exam, which she read through with me, and then did a tender point exam. 

I felt oddly comforted for a short time hearing her say yes, I had Fibromyalgia, all with finding I had eighteen out of eighteen tender points.

Strange really how something that affects so many bodily functions is diagnosed with a tender point exam in mainstream medical practice. For those of you who haven’t been through a tender point exam, let me explain.

There are eighteen points on our body that, if pressed hard enough, will produce pain or tenderness for most everyone with or without Fibromyalgia, but for someone with Fibromyalgia the gentlest pressure on these points can cause excruciating pain.

To be continued...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Life with Fibromyalgia - Part One

This is my story and is in no way intended to diagnose, treat or advise anyone on Fibromyalgia or any other medical disorder, only a qualified health professional can do that. 

My Life with Fibromyalgia

I spent my days trying to think, to function, but it felt as if I had cobwebs in my head (aka...FibroFog) or like trying to think/move through pea soup. I’d sit at my computer with every intention of writing but by the time I turned it on I’d forget what I was turning it on for. Or if I was able to get as far as writing, I’d forget words that come naturally to me, spending much time looking through the dictionary only to forget what word I was looking for in the first place. And the dizziness/vertigo I was experiencing on a daily basis with no rhyme or reason was frustrating to say the least. It was a scary way to live day after day, month after month...scary enough that I started to wonder if I was developing early Alzheimer’s or had developed a brain tumour.

Insomnia had become as regular a part of my life as breathing. I would fall asleep rather quickly but then awaken every couple of hours raring to get on with my day only to look at the clock and realize that only an hour or two had passed. Then I’d toss and turn trying unsuccessfully to get back to sleep. Most nights by three am after staring at the ceiling and feeling almost panicked, I’d give up, get up and try to get on with my day.

Each day felt like my body was betraying me on every level yet I couldn’t explain it to anyone else...or at least not accurately. I mean, how do you look at a loved one and tell them it hurts to wear your winter coat or that hugging or being hugged is extremely painful when you don’t understand yourself?

When the burning, shooting, tingling and/or dull aching pain that greeted me on a daily basis persisted for months, pain that wrapped around my shoulders, back and chest (aka...FibroHug) and seemed to migrate throughout my body I believed it had something to do with having osteoarthritis. Even when visiting my oldest son and daughter-in-law who’d just bought their first home, having fun helping them weed and create their new yard/gardens (gardening and yard work have been a regular part of my life for many years) when I woke up one morning with swollen hands, wrists, ankles and feet, toes and fingers that were numb and tingly I believed it was the osteoarthritis in my spine acting up.

Well, it made sense to me at the time. My body was used to doing High Intensity Interval Training three or four times a week so the day I was doing cardio and felt like I hit the wall after ten minutes I knew I would have to visit my new Dr and hope she took me seriously.

I had been to see my previous Dr who blamed everything either on thyroiditis (with no blood work to support the diagnosis), menopause or osteoarthritis. Other than basic blood work there were no other tests done. It seemed like if what you were there for would take more than the allotted ten minutes, longer to hear me than to write a prescription, she, like many Dr’s these days, just wasn’t interested. I was understandably reluctant to walk in for my appointment with the new Dr (who replaced the old one at our clinic) but she far exceeded my expectations.

Part Two on its way!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Angels Among Us - Harmony Part 8

Hand to forehead Harmony weaved white light so bright through Brick, light that only an experienced Angel, or He himself, could see. Colours once weak now shone brightly, but for the faint glimmer of pink around his heart. She’d done what she could, his battered and bruised body would heal, but she didn’t need to be an Angel to know that if his battered heart didn’t, the life he’d go forward with would be as a shell of the man he once was.

She prepared to thread off for what she hoped would be the last time. Brick was on the verge of awakening when the pink went from a glimmer to the brightest light in the room, and in walked Lisa.“Hmmm. I’d say my work here is done," Harmony said to herself. "Time to wake Serenity as I promised and leave the rest of Brick's healing in his hands...or heart as the case may be.” 

“How long was I asleep? Is Brick alright?” Serenity asked. What a remarkable Angel she was, thought Harmony, that Serenity's first thought upon waking was to give Brick a thorough inspection. 

Leaving Serenity to her fussing, she reached her hand over to smooth her daughter’s hair. She’d already broken enough rules for one day, but she couldn’t help thinking that if only she could allow Lisa to know she was there with her, that she wasn’t going through this alone, that all would be well. 

to be continued...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Angels Among Us - Harmony Part 7

 ‘Ours is to unquestionably obey His rules, abide by His decisions and always show faith that He knows best’ -- the one lesson Harmony drummed into her Third-Spheres’ heads when they questioned the why’s and when’s of His plan, advice that had served her well until now.

She knew she could never go back when she was done today. Crossing the veil of another Angel’s Cloak of Healing without their permission or knowledge, or without a member of the Seraphim present, could bind an Angel for eternity in limbo, a more unappealing thought to her than not making Seraphim.

A stern reminder about the rules was all she would receive if she backed out now, but right or wrong, she’d made the decision from her heart. For Lisa’s sake, she had to halt the battle within and focus her energy on healing Brick.

To be continued...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Angels Among Us - Harmony Part 6

Serenity, about to finish the Cloak of Healing she’d weaved around Brick, nodded to Harmony that she was ready to thread their glittery trail together. It was rarely necessary for an Angel to require help in making the Cloak of Healing, but weaving so soon after a case of Dullwing Flu and wanting to give Brick every chance to heal, Serenity gladly accepted Harmony’s assistance.

“I dearly hope this works,” said Serenity.

“Believe,” Harmony responded, as she tied her thread to Serenity’s to seal the bond.

In the quiet aftermath the Angels discussed, down to the last detail, Harmony’s plan to release Lisa from her promise. Harmony knew her true plan would put her at risk of demotion - a small price to pay – but she wouldn’t take Serenity down with her. As the exhausted Angel bowed her head, Harmony sprinkled her with Sleeping Dust. “Sleep my dear friend for we’ve a long road ahead. When Brick starts to stir, I will awaken you.” 

She would never make Seraphim now, but what good was being an Angel if she couldn’t put things right for her own daughter, Harmony thought as she laid a gentle hand on Brick’s forehead and began to open the forbidden channel.

To be continued...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Angels Among Us - Harmony Part 5

 “Brick, I’m here,” said Lisa as she gently took hold of Brick’s hand. “Please wake up.”

“I’ll go and find Dr Marsh,” Victoria said to Lisa, “and give you some time alone.”

It was quite a rarity to see Lisa’s take-charge-of-the-situation-attitude falter when she looked at Brick, and although her hope was renewed by the love she saw in Lisa’s eyes, Victoria would take her prayers all back in a second if it would just make Brick wake up and see again.

Victoria couldn’t rid herself of the feeling that this was her fault. Before Brick’s accident her prayers were for anything that would bring Lisa and Brick back together...seeing her son like this wasn’t what she had in mind. Fate could be cruel when she wanted to be. Just where was Brick’s guardian angel now? Was anyone up there listening to her prayers?

They could see the mantle of pink glitter wrapping around to protect Victoria, but Harmony and Serenity knew by the aura of blue for the sadness consuming her, that Tranquillity – Victoria’s Guardian Angel – had her work cut out for her.

“Oh,” said a frustrated Serenity. “We’re Angels. We should be able to tell her it will all work out.”

“Tranquillity is trying, but until Victoria calms enough to hear her the best way for us to help is to get to work here,” said Harmony.

to be continued...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Angels Among Us - Harmony Part 4

 It was Serenity’s strength of will alone that had the gold sparkles glittering from her pink robe as Harmony filled her in on what had happened during her illness.
“How is it possible that Brick can see you, talk to you? I know there are some who can feel our presence, but they’re not supposed to actually see us and only in prayer can they talk to us with few listening to hear our whispered advice,” said Serenity. “Unless...”
“Unless we have a personal connection to them,” Harmony finished. “Lisa is...I mean daughter. I’m here to right a mess I made the day I died. That day, I made Lisa promise to watch over and care for her father, to always obey him.” Harmony, clearly embarrassed and agitated, glittered a mixture of blue and red as she went on to explain. “I thought it would make things easier for Tom to raise a ten year old daughter alone but it’s that promise that keeps Lisa from letting go, from allowing herself to be happy.”
“And therefore the reason Brick could never do right,” Serenity nodded with complete understanding now. “So you’re here to bring Brick and Lisa back together again?”
“No, I’m here to find a way to free Lisa from her promise so she can move on and be happy...whether it’s with Brick or not has to be up to her.”
“Well, what are we waiting for?”
To be continued...