Friday, May 9, 2014

The Turning Point - Part One

One foot in front of the other I walk these woods alone. The scent the new-fallen leaves, an aroma most intoxicating, is the balm my spirit needs for my scattered thoughts this day.

I carry myself, stronger with each step, forward thinking as I go, until I reach a rocky knoll.

The sun brightly shining leads me to warm, smooth rock ahead. As I seat myself comfortably there’s a feeling that this spot was made for me. Awaiting something I’m unable to identify I linger here letting the peace permeate my entire being.

Glittering, sparkling lights appear to my left. I blink repeatedly; it must be the hot sun. I take out my water bottle and as I sip slowly a voice on the breeze speaks softly, beckoning me to look up.

My eyes, drawn by the familiarity of the whispers, see a figure in white where the lights once appeared. I sense a kindredship as I recognize the golden hair, so long and wavy, from a place in my dreams.

Her name I know as Celeste and she is my Guardian Angel.

I panic a little, remembering my childhood lesson that unless called on your Guardian Angel could only appear if you were in danger. Seeing nothing lurking in the shadows I ask with trepidation, “Why are you here?”

To be continued...