Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

The spirit of the season, for me at least, starts in October and lasts until the beginning of January. I am, as usual, sad that it's over but as I sit here this morning I have to ask myself what it is that makes me sad to see the season end. What could be sad about seeing the end to the long lines at store check-outs? Could I be sad at not being jostled around by the stressed out 'Scrooge's' of our day when picking up last minute groceries? Could it be sadness and disappointment at seeing the end of the sugar-laden treats that abound in our house?

And then it hit me.

I will miss that feeling of love, peace and happiness that pervades (most) at this time of year, the sometimes too sentimental messages spouted from every Christmas card, seeing my Christmas village that reminds me of simpler times, and happy times spent with family and friends.

And then it hit me again.

It's what I hold inside that makes or breaks the season as I see it. What's stopping me from keeping that feeling all year round? Why see things in a positive light, be quick to forgive and forget, feel free to say no to unwanted tasks or unneeded stress, only at this time of year? Why save the eat, drink and be merry attitude for the holidays? I don't mean I expect to see Christmas cards or keep my Christmas village up year-round, or eat my way through the cookie platter on a regular basis, but if I'm longing for simpler, more sentimental times, then why not work towards that all year? And that brings me to my New Year's resolution: to keep that attitude year-round.

To look at the positive side in every situation, to forgive and forget - if only to give myself peace, to say no when I feel there's too much on my plate - literally and figuratively, to say 'stop' instead of allowing meaningless gossip to reach my ears, to spend more time surrounded by, and showing appreciation for, my loved ones...and if I want to be sentimental in March, why not go for it?

In the words of John Lennon, 'Give peace a chance.'

So the next time I'm standing in the checkout line, I shall turn with a big smile on my face and thank the woman who rammed me with her cart unable to wait for me to pay for my purchase. When she wonders what I'm thanking her for, I'll say, well, for being in such a hurry to pay for my groceries too. :)

Wishing you all a happy and peace-filled New Year!

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