Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Price Vanity?

10 Word Exercise #4

Halcyon, Facetious, Epiphany, Cantankerous, Fishing, Amongst, Fortune, Resemblance, Beautiful, Haunt

Halcyon days were had by none while the cantankerous woman abided. Her desire to be the most beautiful woman in the world had her endlessly fishing for compliments. Very few wished to be in the company of this facetious woman. Those few who did did so hoping to one day share in her vast fortune.

Until the day, while staring at her resemblance in her mirror once again, she had the epiphany that changed her life; that amongst her followers was only one who’d stand proudly before her and call her friend. And, in a vain attempt to be liked, she gave away all but a few of her nicest finery to young women she believed would spend their time in awe and envy of her.

Why her past continued to haunt her, she could never decipher.

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  1. I finally decided on a name for 10 Word Exercise #4.