Monday, April 11, 2011

A Case of Greed Part Five

Success...she was so close she could almost taste it.

Stepping into Philomena’s position was the biggest hurdle she needed to fulfill her dream of becoming one of the richest women in the country, of living the life she believed she’d been born to lead. Holly played her part so convincingly for the last year, the part of the very efficient, now very sorrowful, assistant to Philomena Townsend that it was easy to see why Alec Longstreet believed her to be the woman for the job.

Holly-girl, you may only get one chance in this life to get what you want, with your looks you’d do best to pull out all the have to dress for success,” Holly repeated her mother’s advice to the woman in the black dress and stiletto heels staring back at her. “There’s no fool like an old fool,” repeating the old adage to herself, as pumped up with confidence at the image she presented, she mentally prepared to cross the next hurdle in her plan for success.

Alec Longstreet hadn’t looked twice at her, but tonight that would all change. Alec Longstreet didn’t stand a chance.

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