Thursday, May 5, 2011

Election 2011 Results

I can't say I'm happy with Stephen Harper being re-elected as our Prime Minister, nor that the Conservatives got a majority vote, but I am happy that our (preliminary) voter turnout for 2011 is 61.4%, up from the 58.8% in 2008.
With the exception of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and Prince Edward Island, voter turnout remained the same or rose higher than in the 2008 election. More people voting means more voices heard...maybe.

On a personal level, I had hoped for another Minority Government, but I'm ecstatic that the NDP, not the Liberals, gained so many seats and are now the Opposition Party. Maybe Jack Layton will remind Stephen Harper that he is the Prime Minister of Canada, not the Leader of  'The Harper Government'. Or am I just dreaming the impossible dream.

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