Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Angels Among Us - Harmony Part 8

Hand to forehead Harmony weaved white light so bright through Brick, light that only an experienced Angel, or He himself, could see. Colours once weak now shone brightly, but for the faint glimmer of pink around his heart. She’d done what she could, his battered and bruised body would heal, but she didn’t need to be an Angel to know that if his battered heart didn’t, the life he’d go forward with would be as a shell of the man he once was.

She prepared to thread off for what she hoped would be the last time. Brick was on the verge of awakening when the pink went from a glimmer to the brightest light in the room, and in walked Lisa.“Hmmm. I’d say my work here is done," Harmony said to herself. "Time to wake Serenity as I promised and leave the rest of Brick's healing in his hands...or heart as the case may be.” 

“How long was I asleep? Is Brick alright?” Serenity asked. What a remarkable Angel she was, thought Harmony, that Serenity's first thought upon waking was to give Brick a thorough inspection. 

Leaving Serenity to her fussing, she reached her hand over to smooth her daughter’s hair. She’d already broken enough rules for one day, but she couldn’t help thinking that if only she could allow Lisa to know she was there with her, that she wasn’t going through this alone, that all would be well. 

to be continued...

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