Monday, December 5, 2011

Angels Among Us - Harmony

He was about to become the jolliest of elves.

Brick Madison’s holiday season was about to get as bright as the snow-covered countryside surrounding him on his late afternoon drive to town. A little ink on some documents, a small price to pay, and he’d once again have control over his own life, his freedom, after spending the five longest years of his thirty-five year life married to Lisa.

Marrying Lisa Madison – nee Bonham, the woman he thought he would love and grow old with - had turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes he’d made. Had anyone told him, and some had tried, that marrying her meant marrying her Daddy he may have saved himself years of ‘but Daddy says’ and ‘but Daddy did’.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like his father-in-law, in fact Brick had enormous respect for Tom Bonham, but a marriage of two was tough enough, a marriage of three next to impossible, at least for him. Well, no point reopening wounds long healed, he thought as he rounded the last bend before town straight into the path of a wayward snow plow.

  It took probably seconds to swerve, go over the guard rail and flip to land wheels first over the embankment surrounded by pines, but to him living it felt like hours. His last coherent thought was of the brilliant, pink-robed angel atop the nearest tree enveloping him in sparkly golden light from her gentle, loving hands as her smile lit the ever-darkening skies.

to be continued...

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