Thursday, December 8, 2011

Angels Among Us - Harmony Part 2

Where was he?

Daddy wouldn’t have been late for something this important, but then Daddy cared about her happiness as Brick never had. Lisa would deny it now if anyone were to remind her that Brick’s appeal in the first place had been that he was so much like Daddy...but that was then and this was now.

Being late to sign their divorce papers was just another fine example of how Brick didn’t hold dear that which was special to Lisa. Maybe one day she’d find that one-of-a-kind love but until snowballs no longer melted here on earth she’d just have to be happy taking care of Daddy, just the two of them as it always was. Him, she could count on.

“I need to speak to Lisa Madison, it’s urgent”, she heard through the closed door. She’d recognize the voice of Victoria Madison anywhere, even after two years of separation. Hearing the unusual near-panic in that voice had Lisa opening the door and responding with the kindness she’d always been dealt at Victoria’s hands. The fragile look was a new one for the strong, silent Victoria.

“Victoria, what’s wrong?”

“Lisa, its Brick...there’s been an accident. Brick needs you.”

“Surely you as his mother can see to his care, Victoria,” Lisa gently challenged even as her heart did flip-flops.

“I tried explaining about the divorce, but while Brick is still married to you the Doctor needs your consent.”

“Consent? Consent for what?”

“Please, Lisa. You have to trust me! I’ll tell you more on the way to the hospital,” Victoria said as she urged Lisa on with her coat and out the door to the awaiting taxi. 

to be continued...

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