Thursday, March 8, 2012

Angels Among Us - Harmony Part 5

 “Brick, I’m here,” said Lisa as she gently took hold of Brick’s hand. “Please wake up.”

“I’ll go and find Dr Marsh,” Victoria said to Lisa, “and give you some time alone.”

It was quite a rarity to see Lisa’s take-charge-of-the-situation-attitude falter when she looked at Brick, and although her hope was renewed by the love she saw in Lisa’s eyes, Victoria would take her prayers all back in a second if it would just make Brick wake up and see again.

Victoria couldn’t rid herself of the feeling that this was her fault. Before Brick’s accident her prayers were for anything that would bring Lisa and Brick back together...seeing her son like this wasn’t what she had in mind. Fate could be cruel when she wanted to be. Just where was Brick’s guardian angel now? Was anyone up there listening to her prayers?

They could see the mantle of pink glitter wrapping around to protect Victoria, but Harmony and Serenity knew by the aura of blue for the sadness consuming her, that Tranquillity – Victoria’s Guardian Angel – had her work cut out for her.

“Oh,” said a frustrated Serenity. “We’re Angels. We should be able to tell her it will all work out.”

“Tranquillity is trying, but until Victoria calms enough to hear her the best way for us to help is to get to work here,” said Harmony.

to be continued...

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