Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Angels Among Us - Harmony Part 6

Serenity, about to finish the Cloak of Healing she’d weaved around Brick, nodded to Harmony that she was ready to thread their glittery trail together. It was rarely necessary for an Angel to require help in making the Cloak of Healing, but weaving so soon after a case of Dullwing Flu and wanting to give Brick every chance to heal, Serenity gladly accepted Harmony’s assistance.

“I dearly hope this works,” said Serenity.

“Believe,” Harmony responded, as she tied her thread to Serenity’s to seal the bond.

In the quiet aftermath the Angels discussed, down to the last detail, Harmony’s plan to release Lisa from her promise. Harmony knew her true plan would put her at risk of demotion - a small price to pay – but she wouldn’t take Serenity down with her. As the exhausted Angel bowed her head, Harmony sprinkled her with Sleeping Dust. “Sleep my dear friend for we’ve a long road ahead. When Brick starts to stir, I will awaken you.” 

She would never make Seraphim now, but what good was being an Angel if she couldn’t put things right for her own daughter, Harmony thought as she laid a gentle hand on Brick’s forehead and began to open the forbidden channel.

To be continued...

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