Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Christmas Stranger - Part Three

“You fit the bill perfectly, Ethel. You’re a single mom, a widow. Who could be more deserving to win five thousand dollars? Just think of how much easier that could make life for you and Jonathon.”
            Lucy had a heart of gold but her chattering was falling on deaf ears today. There was no way Ethel was putting her life story – how she became a single parent - over the airwaves for today’s ‘Cash Giveaway of the Day’ contest. Not even to win cash of her own that she could use to buy her more time.
She would’ve loved to make the little town of Headingley, Manitoba her hometown; to stay where the townsfolk had welcomed her and her son with open arms. It saddened and frustrated her that she’d have to sneak off like a thief in the night once again.
For she recognized the face in her rear view mirror as the man who would, if given the chance, put an end to the safe world she was avidly trying to create for herself and Jonathon.
Lance Becker, her husband’s go-to man. Need someone found? Need someone to go missing? Need to find the wife of an abusive and controlling man? Call Lance Becker, he’ll get the job done.
Ethel knew he was nearby. She couldn’t shake that same old feeling off throughout the day...that feeling of being watched. Looking around, finding no one or nothing out of the usual order of the day didn’t make her feel any better. Since the day she’d found Jonathon’s security room with all screens showing various snapshots of every move she made throughout her days she had learned to trust those instincts.
“It’s five o’clock. Today’s contest is now closed. After this jingle from our sponsors, Reg will announce today’s contest winner.”
They were about to make some woman very happy and Ethel wished whoever she was all the peace and happiness the season could bring as she readied herself for her long drive home.