Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Christmas Stranger - Part One

“Only 29 shopping days left ‘til Christmas, folks.”
That’s not what Ethel wanted to hear blaring from her radio on her morning commute to work.
Heading to a job that the only satisfaction it gave was that she could pay the bills was made tougher by the new-fallen snow. She was glad she’d had the sense God gave a pea and had her snow tires installed last week. And having another year’s tread left on them had to be considered a blessing...didn’t it?
So folks, that’s today’s contest. We’ll start taking calls at eight o’clock.”
            Ethel’d been so focussed on the fool who’d been tailgating her for the last kilometre she missed what today's contest was all about. Oh well, she was sure even before she had her coat off and hung, Lucy will have filled her in on the latest Strictly Country FM radio contest, and the tailgater would be entirely forgotten throughout their days events.
            Their boss took his love of wildlife a little too far she thought each day as she hung her coat on the antler-shaped peg. “Good morning, Lucy,” she said.
            “Did you hear the latest? About the contest? Are you going to enter? You should. If anyone qualifies it’s you. Oh, and good morning. You’re later than usual.”
            She was always surprised Lucy could get a breath in easier than anyone could get a word in when she talked. “Oh, some idiot was following so close behind me I was worried if I didn’t slow down I’d hit a patch of ice and take us both out. He barely kept from clipping my bumper as I turned in to park.”
            While Lucy filled her in on the contest qualifications said idiot was parking further up the road, hidden from the view of the restaurant. In a grove of trees he prepared to wait her shift out. He had nothing but time...

Stay tuned....


  1. Wow, can't wait for the next part....the suspense. Great job!!!